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Nagoya Friends has been doing mixer parties since February of 2004. We usually hold our events at least once a month in and around Nagoya. We average about 120 people per month, making us the biggest international party in Nagoya. Our party is NOT a dating or matchmaking party, but rather a chance to meet new friends and expand your contacts in and around the Nagoya Area.

Meet People

With over 120 people attending our mixer party there are tons of opportunities to meet people. The mixer party is usually 65% Japanese and 35% foreigners. Many countries are represented at the parties. Americans, French, English, Australians, New Zealanders, Indian, and many more. Of the Japanese attending the party, the majority (70%) are young attractive Japanese women.

Language Exchange

This a is a great chance to practice your Japanese. Ever feel like there is not enough time to practice outside a classroom environment. This is a chance for you to get out, have some fun, and socialize with others who are anxious to speak to westerners. This is your turn to get a free Japanese lesson!


Our mixer parties are staffed by no less than 10 members who are eager to help you. They are far and away the friendliest crew in town! It's ALL YOU CAN DRINK at Nagoya Friends, and we offer over 60 varieties of cocktails plus beer, wines, juices, soft drinks, and tea. We feature a buffet of delicious foods to choose from. We also have homecooked specialties that are served seasonally. Some of these include Thai curry, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Banana Bread, and much more!


During the first hour of the mixer party, guests have a chance to talk amongst themselves and get something to eat and drink. After that we usually play a team oriented game designed to foster communication and cooperation between guests. The winning team gets to take home many exciting prizes. Some prizes that we have given away include an iPod Shuffle, a 12,000 yen rafting trip, and a 50,000 yen travel voucher! After the game guests are encouraged to talk amongst themselves and make plans for their 2nd party afterwards. Guests usually go in groups to neighboring bars & restaurants to continue their conversations once the party finishes


Music is played on a soundsystem throughout the party.
Occaisionally we have live performances as well as free salsa lessons!

Nagoya Friends is your place to have fun and meet people in a great environment!